söndag 26 december 2010

En icke så uppmärksammad poet

Ja, i Sverige alltså. I sitt hemland Australien skördade Gwen Harwood (1920-1995) många lagrar. År 1978 tilldelades hon till exempel "The Patrick White Award".


So the light falls, and so it fell
on branched leaved with flocking birds.
Loght stole a citys weight to swell
the coloured lofe of stone. Your words
hung weightless in my ear: Remember me.
All words except those words were drowned
in the fresh babbling rush of spring.
In summer's dream-filled light one sound
echoed through all the whispering
galleries of green: Remember me.
Rods of light point home the flocking
starlings to wintry trees, and turn
stone into golden ochre, locking
the orbit of my pain. I learn
the weight of light and stone. Remember me.

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