söndag 7 juli 2013

Dikt från Karibien

Här ett utdrag ur dikten "Just Riffing" som finns att läsa i sin helhet i "When Ground Doves Fly" av Esther Phillips.

Esther Phillips kommer från Barbados.

Bathsheba, Barbados. Lånat foto.


I come from a place
Where God borrow colors
From Eden days,
mix them with crystal water
nearest the Throne,
then pour them 'cross the sky
over Bathsheba, for sunrise.

This is a place where the foam
 over reefs white as the bones
of my ancestors,
the green of the sea
is the grief of memory
and gladness of limola trees
in brilliant sunlight.
We learn a day's diminuendo
in the flight of a firefly,
the chorus of crickets
on rainy evenings.-----

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