söndag 15 maj 2011

Boris den tredje av Bulgarien

På fotot den tyske generalfältmarskalken von Mackensen och Kung (tsar) Boris av Bulgarien ( precis bakom fältmarskalken)

"Once upon a time, between the two world wars, there was quite an engaging kingdom in the center of the Balkans called the Kingdom of Bulgaria. Foreigners may have heard about its Valley of the Roses, about the beauty of its mountains and Black Sea beaches, but very little else."----

" This kingdom is no more. But unlike other nations, whose recent past can still be discussed freely and read in detail, a veil of oblivion has fallen over the events of that period in Bulgaria. Today's student of pre-Communist Bulgaria would find it difficult to discover what exactly did happen in that country before 1944, nor would he understand how and why."

Jag läser (det är många böcker på gång just nu... i en salig blandning)- den bulgariske författaren Stephane Groueffs "Crown of Thorns" som handlar om en tragisk tid i Bulgariens historia- de tjugofem åren mellan 1918 och 1943.

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