fredag 12 januari 2018

Rött, blått och gult

Light and Colour- the Morning after the Deluge av William Turner (1843).

Under hela livet experimenterade William Turner med ljus och hur man bäst kunde återskapa det. Jag citerar från Ann Wroes "Six Facets of Light".

"--- He (Turner) could still paint it, though, and in 1843 he did, as a blazing whirlpool of chrome orange, vermilion, chrome yellow, viridian, red lake and Prussian blue, giving way at the centre to yellow ruled by white, the sun's colours. He called this Light and Colour (Goethe's Theory)- the Morning after the Deluge- Moses Writing the Book; or teasingly, when people asked, ' Red, blue and yellow'. He also added an explanatory poem of his own:

The Ark stood firm on Ararat; th'returning sun
Exhaled earth's humid bubbles, and emulous of light,
Reflected her lost forms, each prismatic guise
Hope's harbinger, ephemeral as the summer fly
Which rises, flits, expands and dies.

s. 130 "Six Facets of Light", Ann Wroe. Jonathan Cape förlag, 2016.

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