söndag 30 juni 2013

Redi Tlhabi och hennes resa tillbaka till Soweto

Redi Tlhabi är en sydafrikansk journalist och även en mycket uppskattad radiopratare . Hennes litterära debut beskriver en svår barndom och ungdom kantad av våld och enorm utsatthet. "Endings & Beginnings" har alldels nyligen tilldelats Sunday Times (den sydafrikanska utgåvan) Alan Paton Award.

"It was also at this time that her father - her hero - was violently murdered, his body discovered on the street, with one eye removed. The perpetrators were never found, and the neighbourhood continued to talk about how he had to be buried without his eye.---- Redi has to remind herself to stay sane. ---Endings and beginnings is Redi's quest to find out the truth about the circumstances surrounding her father's death. As an adult she visits his grave and decides to find the people that killed her father and ask them why. "

I boken beskrivs också Redis kärlek till Mabegzo, en kriminell man med mycket dåligt rykte - även han blir mördad.

"She also goes on a quest to finally humanise Mabegzo who was hated and abhorred by so many when he was alive. She visits and speaks to his family, friends and neighbours and pieces together the life of this man who came fleetingly through her life but whose presence she would feel for a long time to come ."

HÄR en länk till en intervju med Redi Tlhabi.

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