fredag 2 januari 2009

Mahmoud Darwish och Abraham Yehoshua

En palestisk lyriker och en israelisk skönlitterär författare- det tycker jag är en bra blandning så här ett par dagar inpå det nya året.

Ett smakprov ur "The Butterfly's Garden" (No more and no less)

I am a woman. No more and no less
I live my life as it is
thread by thread
and I spin my wool to wear, not
to complete Homer's story, or his sun.
And I see what I see
as it is, in its shape,
though I stare every once
in a while in its shade
to sense the pulse of defeat,
and I write tomorrow
on yesterday's sheets: there's no sound
other than echo.
I love the necessary vagueness in
what a night traveler says to the absence
of birds over the slopes of speech
and above the roofs of villages
I am a woman, no more and no less.

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