tisdag 3 maj 2016


Ascent of the Blessed av Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516 c:a)

"We are the souls. We hover in the air. We live in fire and in water, we walk upon the Earth. Of all the elements, however, we prefer air, both the most abstract element, Anaximenes's apeiron aer, and at the same time the element most closely connected with life, with breath. We are breath personified, our inhalations and exhalations set the rhythm of the course of the universe. In the antinomy of life and death we are precisely on the boundary, on the boundary that is, alas, too vague. We are half divine and half human, and this combination relates us to mythological heroes who descend to the earth to enlighten ignorant humankind."

Jag läser Daniela Hodrovás " A Kingdom of Souls".  Magiskt, underbart och det går inte att hasta sig fram på sidorna. Här är det da capo som gäller.

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